5 Disadvantages Of Using Ajinomoto In Your Food You May Never Know


Monosodium glutamate (MSG) commonly known as Ajinomoto is a flavour-enhancing salt or product which is often added in the food to enhance or better the flavours of the dish. Ajinomoto is found in almost every household, it is majorly used in fried rice, Manchuria or meat items. And in restaurants, it is perhaps used in every food item. Though The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that there is no compound in Ajinomoto which is harmful or can harm the human system, there always is a debate around this decision. Most people believe that this ingredient can have extreme effects on the human lives.
So, what are the possible ill-effects of using Ajinomoto?


The most predominant side effects of taking ajinomoto is that it leads to headaches. Sometimes it may lead to severe headaches or even deadly diseases like damaging the brain.

1 Is Ajinomoto Good For You2.Chest Pain

Extreme dosage of Ajinomoto leads to chest pain. There will be regular disturbance in your chest and sometimes you might feel that chest is heavy. It is also said that it effects on the nerves passing the chest.

2 Is Ajinomoto Good For You3.Causes Cancer

This is where things get scary. Ajinomoto sure leads to deadly and dangerous diseases. Studies prove that Ajinomoto has cancer-causing compounds and that it exposes your body to cancer and increases your risk of developing cancer.

3 Is Ajinomoto Good For You4.Hypertension

People having stress or hypertension are often recommended to stay away from salty foods. Ajinomoto has 40% sodium levels which more than what you find in regular salt. So, it is necessary that you don’t over-use it if you have hypertension or want to prevent it.

4 Is Ajinomoto Good For You5.Sleeping Disorders

Apart from giving you headaches or constant chest pain, Ajinomoto messes with your sleep cycle also. It tends to disturb your breathing process while you sleep. There are also chances you develop permanent snoring or sleep breathing disorders.

5 Is Ajinomoto Good For You