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This year we have seen some Disaster South Movies like Legend and Son Of India. I went to watch Legend with my friends in the theater and we enjoyed it to the fullest. We had fun watching Saravanan performing stunts and romancing Urvashi Rautela.

Not just Legend here are a few Disaster South Movies of 2022 that you’ll enjoy if you watch them with your friends gang. We did it and now challenging you to do the same.

Save The List And Watch These Disastrous South Movies of 2022 With Your Friends Gang

1. Happy Birthday

Mythri movie makers and Mathu Vadalara fame director Ritesh Rana’s second project Happy Birthday grabbed the attention of the audience with their witty and hilarious teaser, trailer cuts.

But the movie failed to impress the audience. However, you’ll enjoy this senseless comedy entertainer if you watch it with your friends.

2. Legend

I Have Enjoyed A Lot Watching this movie in the theater with my gang. In case you missed it you must watch this high budget cringe entertainer with your gang right now.

3. Son Of India

Your 2022 is incomplete if you haven’t watched Pain Of India movie sorry sorry….Son of India movie.

4. Acharya

This one deserves a watch just for that Padaghattam…Padaghattam…Padaghattam dialogue which has more screen presence than Chiru and Charan.

5. Liger

Just give it a try and drop a message after watching this cringe fest sports drama.

6. The Warrior

Another never ending love story of Tamil director – Telugu Hero that deserves a watch.

7. Ginna

I guarantee you…you’ll have fun watching this horror ride and fun and thrill will be doubled if you watch it with your friends.

8. Gold

Might be a failure for long run time but a decent watch….you’ll enjoy it if you have a friend, who doesn’t complain about watching lagggeeeeddddd movies with you.

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