Distance Education: Yay or Nay? A Take At What The Deal Really Is..!!

By Vaidehi Rawool

With technology taking huge strides ahead as days go by, humankind is at the receiving end of a lot of ease of access. Distance education or distance learning is like a step ahead in the direction of digitalising of education. Here’s a glance at the pros and the cons of distance education.


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  • You can complete your course from anywhere, literally. If you get the study material by post or online, the only requisite entity of your course is with you all the time. You don’t have to be at a certain place at a certain time to study it.
  • You have all the flexibility and freedom you ever wished for. From designing your course, to setting your study structure and dividing time to study; you don’t have to consult anyone on anything. You can do it all on your own.
  • Distance learning is cheaper than the traditional way of learning. Opting for this cuts down on your expenditure majorly, in terms of travel, food or admission fees for that matter.
  • A lot of courses to choose from so you don’t have to stick to something you don’t like studying at all.
  • No wastage of time in commuting whatsoever! The most worrying part of study life for students is the whole idea of commuting. This huge hurdle will never be in your way.
  • You can be your own motivator. Set targets and deadlines on your own and complete them on your terms more so. The best part about distance education is you get to experience the feeling of independence on a whole new level
  • You don’t have to invest all your time here. Distance learning is the best fit for those who are earning or have other time consuming priorities.


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  • Those of you who are bear an affinity towards the traditional learning won’t be fulfilled by distance learning. The lack of a classroom and personal interaction is a little unnerving at times.
  • Majority of people aren’t technology savvy hence the hesitancy towards this field.
  • Internet availability and affordability become major setback issues when it comes to distance education.
  • Not all the courses are available for learning and the course that you want to do just might not be on the list.
  • There might be chances that not all companies might accept a distance education degree.
  • There is no teacher and due to that no one to motivate you or guide you herein so it gets a little confusing sometimes.
  • Some people get baffled by too much of independence and also the fact that there is no competition adds to neglecting the course.

Like every coin has two sides, Distance learning also has its upsides and downsides. This will definitely take a while until people start taking to the same in great numbers.

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