Divanshu Kumar Quit His Lavish Job To Bring A Change In Our Education System

Just exam results lo oka subject poindi anna reason tho oka vaipu students suicide cheskuntunaru. Mana telugu state lo situation ila unte Bihar lo inka final year kuda complete cheyani Mechanical student ki ‘Divanshu Kumar’ ki 21 Lakhs (per annum) salary job kottesadu.

Divanshu Kumar Revolutionise Education

Final year complete avakundane antha salary urike ivvaru, athani talent alantidi mari anduke antha icharu. Ikkada vishayam villu salary ivvadam kadu aa intha manchi package salary ni vaddu anukuni ithanu ‘Indian Education System’ ni revolutionise cheyadaniki decide aiyyadu.

Enduku ? Assala what made him to do so ? ante ee story chadavalsindhe.

Divanshu Kumar Revolutionise Education

Divanshu Kumar dhi Bihar state lo Gaya, ee village lo 8th standard chaduvu thundaga athanu observe chesina vishayam entante ‘the way teachers teaching lessons is not correct not able to follow by his close friends. Appude teachers tho ee vishayam cheppali anukunadu, kani chepthe em avthado munde guess chesadu so he dropped that idea at that time.

He started noticing things in the classroom while teachers teaching lessons and making notes on it because one day he wants to fight and fix these things.

Divanshu Kumar Revolutionise Education

Chennai lo IIT chesthunna time lone Divanshu started a ‘Involve Learning Solutions’ with two other IIT friends. Later ‘Involve Learning Solutions’ started teaching different school children targeting poor students in different regions. Ala ee merit students icchina guidance tho entho mandi poor school students cracked tough IIT-JEE exam with ease.

Divanshu Kumar Revolutionise Education

Divanshu took this project serious after that and started teaching and mentor school students targeting 3rd-8th grade. With the help of Delhi and other IIT seniors Divanshu almost oka 40-50 interns ni ‘Involve Learning Solutions’ lo free lance mentors ga hire chesukuni students ki ardam aiyye la lessons chepadam start chesaru.

Now, Divanshu is entered into his Final year od Mech. Engineering and he got huge job offer of 21 LPA.

Divanshu Kumar Revolutionise Education

But Divanshu ee offer ki give up chesadu, enduku ani adigithe because he wants to revolutionise education system in India. What he achieved is ante till now ‘Involve Learning Solutions’ is worked with 800+ Learners, improving learning motivations of 65% of them and average academic scores by 20% and developed 150+ SLs from 8 schools. Now all these young scholars step out into the outside world with improved communication skills, organisational skills, social and emotional Intelligence learned with the help of Divanshu and his team.

Divanshu Kumar Revolutionise Education

“Dear students ippudu cheppandi ‘Marks and a marks ni match chese salary digits mana success ni define chestundi ante’ Divanshu chestuna vishayam ni emantaro miru eh chepandi”.

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