6 DIY Hacks To Avoid The Usage Of Plastic At Home


It is true that India lo still plastic usage chala ekuvaga undi. Enni ways find chesina still adi matram marchalepotunam. So, here today we are sharing few hacks to avoid the usage of plastic. Check it out, guys:

1. Try to turn the plastic boxes and bottles into great planters and also to water them. 1plant
2. Choose loose fruits and vegetables instead of bagged ones such as carrots, apples, and lemons. 2plant
3. If you have so much plastic at your place try to return it to the farmers or vendors who are reusing it for other purposes. 3plant
4. If you have free time, try to grow food like vegetables and herbs on your own at home. So, denivalla meru plastic purchase chala varaku taginchochu and even you can play safe with healthy food. 4plant
5. Try to purchase things that are available in carbon boxes instead of plastic covers. 5plant
6. For parties or at work, avoid using disposable cups and plastic utensils and instead of them, try to use real silverware or cups that are compostable.6plant