DIY Ideas To Recycle Your Old Clothes


One of the most hurting thing in every girl life is when our absolute favorite dress turned into old and mom using it to clean the floor. So, here we are giving some interesting ideas to recycle your old clothes to new ones.

#1. Create a new mini purse with it

Take the back pocket of old jeans and add some embellishments. Turn it into a mini purse.1-Old-Clothes

#2. Homemade Scarf

Create your own scarf using two different color jersey tops.2-Old-Clothes

#3. Give a new look to your old denim jacket

Just cut off the sleeves and sewing ones from a totally different top.3-Old-Clothes

#4. Create a new lace t-shirt

Insert a liner of lace to the side of your t-shirt.4-Old-Clothes

#5. Now you can keep your favorite t-shirt as a pillow.

What a great idea to make your comfortable tee into a cozy pillow.5-Old-Clothes

#6. Summer bag

Take an old jersey top and turn it into a fun summer bag.6-Old-Clothes

#7. Create new shoes

Give your shoes a brand new look with old clothes or paper.7-Old-Clothes