Do You Know Why South Indians Eat Curd Rice Everyday

South India lo lunch leda dinner meal tarvatha chala varaku andharu curd rice ni tintaru. Bad stomach, acidity, fever leda ye health issues unna curd rice ni comfort food/comfort meal laga consider chestharu. Curd lo unna probiotic bacteria body healthy inka active ga unchuthundi. But did you know what are health benefits of eating curd rice on daily basis. Then check this article to know more.

Controls Blood Pressure:1-Controls blood pressure Curd lo unna potassium inka magnesium lanti protein inka nutrients body blood pressure ni control chesthundi.

Perfect Substitute:2-Perfect substitute Creamy inka high-calorie dishes ni easy ga curd rice substitute chesthundi.

For Nourished and Healthy Skin:3-nourishing and Healthy skin Curd lo moisturising properties untai. Ee properties dry skin ni reduce chesi skin ni yepudu hydrate ga unchuthundi.

Good for Eyes:4-Good for Eyes Curd rice lo curd tho patu curry leaves, mustard seeds lantivi kuda tempering lo use chestharu. Dintlo unna curry leaves vitamin A rich untai, ee vitamins eyes inka eye sight ki chala manchivi.

Anti-Diabetic Properties:5-Anti-diabetic properties Curd rice lo unna curry leaves ni blood glucose levels ni control chesi diabetes ni control lo unchuthundi.

Mood Lifter:6-mood Lifter Curd lo unna probiotics bacteria stress levels ni reduce chesi mood ni enchance chesthundi.

For Healthy Bones:7-For healthy bones Oka cup curd lo 275 grams of calcium content untundi. Ee calcium bone density ni maintain chesi bone ni strengthen chesthai.

Improves Immunity:8-Improves immunity Curd rice ni daily basis laga consume chesthey disease causing bacteria tho fight chesi digestive inka intestinal tract ni safe ga unchuthundi.

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