The Selfless ‘Doctor Of Roads’, Mr Gangadhara Tilak Katnam Definitely Needs To Be Recognised


We are sure that most of us are aware of the selfless citizen from Hyderabad who fills potholes with his earnings keeping only objective in his mind -to prevent road accidents. Known as the ‘Doctor of Roads’, Mr. Gangadhara Tilak Katnam is definitely one of the most selfless person we all can come across. It’s not every time you come across such people, and when you do learn about them, you’ve got to definitely recognise their contribution to the society through their noble deeds.


Mr. Gangadhara Tilak Katnam left his software job and started filling potholes daily from 1st August 2011 on Hyderabad roads as many accidents were taking place due to potholes. He never collected donation from people and spent his pension money for filling potholes. Besides filling potholes, he attended many drains which are spoiling roads. Shramadaan foundation a social initiative started by Gangadhara is now joined by many volunteers who support his initiative. His services have been recognized at International level. World radios such as BBC, NPR and TV channels have broadcasted about this social service initiatives.


He has been called as the ‘True Legend of Hyderabad’ for the selfless service he is being doing over the past few years. The reason we are speaking about him here is to vote him for the iVolunteer Award which celebrates, rewards and promotes volunteering in India. Mr Katnam has been nominated in the ‘Volunteer Hero’ category. The award is aimed towards recognising individuals who have volunteered their time and skills for community development from the period  January 2015 – December 2015.


It is not that an award would justify his deeds, but recognition is one thing every person who is entitled for it, should get it with due respect. And recognising him with an award will definitely boost the confidence and spirit for many such people who might have just got stuck at the execution stage.

If you feel, you value his work and want to thank him for having such a beautiful heart to do this for the same society in which you, me and he lives, here is the link. Vote for him and let’s make him our hero!!