Don’t have a GF/BF? 5 Best things to do that will keep your spirit high


Are you single ?? mana kashtaalu evariki cheppukovaali bhayya? Febraury ante chaalu prathi vaadiki valentines day gurthuvasthundhi….kani mana gundeku kashtam vasthundhi.

Girl Friend leka pothey enti ? manam ekkada thaggadhu bhayyo. Kastpadi appu cheso lekapothe save chesukunna dabbulu valentine’s day roju karchu pedithe nyayam cheyagalama ledha ani alochana unnapudu, ikada ee kindha vaatilo edho okati chesei.. Atleast manasu hai ga untadhi. 😉

So, check out those 5 things to do that will keep needhi and naadhi spirit high

1. Gift your Parents something!Gf

Abba soodhi start chesaadra babu ani anukokunda okka nimisham opigga kurchoni o thought esuko. Say thank you to your dad/mom or both and buy them something and surprise them. Vaalaku ivvani theliyakapovachu. Sardaga ichi chudaraade, heart entha light avthundho meke thelusthundhi.

2. Dosthule ra jeevitham..Dosthule ra shaswatham!!Gf

Dosthulu unnaru kada?? Ekkadikaina hai ga o trip esuko boss!! Friends are in a way people who might possibly love you more than a dicey valentine date

3. Charity, Bro!!Gf

Did you ever donate something to someone without expecting anything in return? No? Then you must do this now. Many people are awaiting your help which you may not know. This is one way of keeping your spirit high.

4. Naaku nenantene istam. I love myself!! Gf

Idhi inka better. Spend on yourself. Treat yourself with utmost pompous because there is no one in the world who can love yourself as you do. ‘Valentine lekapothenem, shopping chestha, cinema chustha.. bindaas ga relax ayitha!!’

5. Loooooooooong Drive pe chal!!5 - Drive

Ivvani kaadu.. naku break up ayindhi. Life antha shoonyam laga undhi anukunte. Ignite your engine and hit the road. Without planning anything, go out on long drive alone! Keep some good music and talk to yourself all while. You will atleast return happy!

So, ee molanga chepedhi entante.. Single ga unnanduku digulu undhadu. Single ga unanduku santhosha padu.. Vasthai.. andariki rojulu vasthai. Aa roju vache varaku, chilled ga oka beer open cheyi boss!! Cheers!!

This article is dedicated to all the singles out there!!