6 Dookudu Moments In Our Life


Moments are memorable in our lives but, not all are good memories though. Some of the memories that are associated with us are when hurry up on a few things and end up succeeding in or failing in it. Knowingly or unknowingly, when is the last time you ran to do something important? Well, running and jumping are good for health, but if done in haste without being alert, you might end up on the hospital bed. Acha Telugu lo chepalante.. Dookudu undali, kaani adhi kuda oka haddhu varake

Here are some of the dookudu moments in our life. Check it out.

  1. Running for the last bus to office


2.  Chasing a pickpocketer in the market


3. When dogs are chasing you


4. When you have to piss but the rest room is far away.


5. Trying to reach home before your dad/mom.


6. It’s five minutes for exam to start and you are at the entrance of the college.



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