DxO’s Detachable Smartphone Camera now launching to Android


DxO is best in industry providing Camera and Image Quality and it has its own Detachable Camera named DxO One which is available for iPhones and iPads but now DxO is launching the same to Android too.Dxo Smart Phone

Half of the Smartphone users lo Camera kosame High ended phones konevallu unnaru and inka Selfies, Photosoots and Blogging mari kondaru Cooking, Fashion, DIY Videos teeskoni Youtube lo upload chesavallu blogging chese vallu chalane unnaru, elati valla kosame DxO Compact Detachable Camera with DSLR effects tho launch chesidi but previously it is only for Apple iPhones and iPads ante only few bloggers and Youtubers use chese vallu but ippudu Android users ki kuda ee DxO One Camera vastundi.Dxo Smart phone

Bloggers ki edi chala perfect gadget because vallu photos and videos tho Articles and blogging chestuntaru so manchi HD Quality kosam ee Gadget use chestuntaru.

DxO One chala compact and pocket friendly, you can see on the above image where there is a 1.0” inch lens and a Small screen which shows battery and lighting conditions and modes and the screen is completely touchscreen and below there is a slot for SD Card and on the Side iPhone USB supporting Pin an This DxO One has 20.2MP Lens and aperture of f/1.8 and it works like a DSLR there are different modes like Portrait, Burst and many and it has inbuilt rechargable battery.Dxo Smart Phone

Now it is Available on all E-Commerce Sites for iPhones and iPods, Soon DxO going to launch for Android too. okkasari Charge cheste 200 photos teeskovachu and 2 hours Video teeskovachu and it supports 1080P with 30 frames per second and 720P with 128 frames per second.4 DxO’s Detachable Smartphone Camera

Appstore and Playstore lo DxO One App untundi aah App download cheskoni ee Mini Camera Gadget ne charging port ki commect cheyyagane Camera on avtundi and we can rotate this camera in all angles to take best shots and inka completely 180 degrees lo tippukoni selfie camera la kuda use cheskovachu and inka edi connect cheste me phone battery em loss avvadu because it has its own inbuilt battery and Wifi support kuda undi.5 DxO’s Detachable Smartphone Camera

Facebook Live video kuda support chestondi, meeru me fans ne live lo meet avvali anukunte normal front 5-8MP Cameras lo Quality undadu so that was not a good experience for Live so ee gadget tho 20.2MP HD Quality DxO One app tho Facebook Live kuda telecast cheyyochu and present eppudu iPhones and iPods $499 avtundi and Soon there are about to launch it for Android phones also expecting the same price tag for Android too because DxO products are best in industry.6 DxO’s Detachable Smartphone Camera

Expecting a best Camera Phone from DxO with an DxoMark Score 100, that would be alot for Camera lovers

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