Earning Lakshmi Devi is a lot more than just earning wealth


Lakshmi Devi is a symbol for wealth; this is what it is to the knowledge of one and all. But for all those who just consider Lakshmi as wealth, it is a wrong thing.01Earning Lakshmi Devi

Lakshmi isa bout wealth accumulated through honest and fair means. Money can be stolen as well. Lakshmi brings peace and happiness to the person who earns it. Stolen money only brings emptiness to the soul. If you notice Lakshmi’s idol, she has gold coins around her, signifying wealth. However, she is also seated on a lotus flower, and holds lotuses in her hands. The lotus is a sign of purity and peace, signifying spiritual well-being; of purity and beauty even in the muddy waters of the world.02Earning Lakshmi Devi

All in all, Lakshmi devi is about prosperity, health, courageousness, success, happiness, fearlessness and sovereignty.05Earning Lakshmi Devi