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‘EARTHLINGS’ – Only NGO Which Work For Cause Not For Applause


Group of IT employees weekend vaste em chestaru? pub, barbeque, outing, movies, etc ila edo rakanga chill avtuntaru. Kani oka group of IT employees ki vacchina small thought ippudu ‘Earthlings’ NGO ga form ayyindi. Andulo ippudu 400+ volunteers unnaru villu antha weekend vastey chalu full garbage tho nindina roads ni clean cheyadam start chestaru.

Efforts in making Flyovers, Roadside walls into “No Stick Bills”.

400+ volunteers ga unna ee NGO lo active core team members matram oka 25 people untaru. Weekend vacchindi antey chalu edo oka spot like cleanliness leni flyovers, roads, and roadside walls daggara valioptharu. Flyovers mida stick chesi unna pamphlets, posters, paper wall posters lantivi remove chesi flyover mida paintings veyadam lantivi chestaru

Anthey kakunda roads mida and roadside unna garbage clean cheyadam planting cheyadam, avsaramaina places lo dustbins pettadam, lantivi chestuntaru team ‘Earthlings’.

Active role during Marathons, Events, and meetings in the city.

City lo major events like Marathons, Meetings, and festivals time lo roads mida unna cups, plastic bottles, papers, etc etc emaina waste road meda padithe marathon complete ayye time lo aa wastage mottham clean cheyadam ee volunteers valle possible. Entha pedda event jargina akkada villu unnaru ante chalu aa place fraction of seconds lo clean aipotundi.

Wastage recycle:

Surroundings clean cheyadame kadu wastage nundi recycle products, food wastage, plastic, and dry wet wastage sort cheyadam kuda chestaru.

“Work For a Cause Not For Applause!
Nobody Can Do Everything, But Everyone Can Do something!
Your Change Can Make A Change”

ane Motto tho work chesthunna ‘Earthlings’ NGO lo meeru kuda volunteers ga untu society betterment kosam work cheyali antey you can join them. Please go through below register details.

Kudos and keep going team ‘Earthlings’ – WIRALLY.

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