10 Easy DIY Gift Ideas For Your Co-workers


Usually, manam co-workers ki gift ivalsostey, elantivi ivali ani pedda dilemma lo untam. So, ivala mem mek konni easy DIY gift ideas istunam. Check the list:

1. DIY Herbs1Gift-Ideas
2. Customized Small Plants2Gift-Ideas
3. Homemade Beeswax Candles 3Gift-Ideas
4. Homemade bath bombs4Gift-Ideas
5. DIY beauty accessories like lip scrub, face wash, and soaps, that made naturally at home. 5Gift-Ideas
6. Coffee Set
This one is perfect for coffee lovers6Gift-Ideas
7. Customized Tea pot7Gift-Ideas
8. DIY customized Glass Vase / Candle Holder8Gift-Ideas