Why Should We Eat Brown Rice Instead Of White Rice?


Brown rice, white rice kante chala manchidhi. White rice is brown rice after refining. Refining process lo indhilo unna anni nutrients pothayi. So manamu thine white rice does nothing but makes us fat. Here are a few reasons why you must eat brown rice instead of white.

High in Manganese

brown rice

1 cup of brown rice satisfies 80% of manganese requirement of our body. Mana nervous system inka reproductive system functioning kosamu manganese Chala avasaru.

Rich in Selenium

brown rice

Brown rice lo chala selenium untundhi, edhaithe cancer, heart disease and arthritis raakunda kaapadthundhi.

Helps in weight loss

brown rice

Brown rice lo unna high amounts of fiber food digestion lo help chesthundhi. Idhi thinte stomach full aipisthundhi, which reduces your extra food intake and mimalni sannaga unchuthundhi.

Doesn’t release much sugar

brown rice

Brown rice blood sugar levels stabilize chesthundhi. Diabetes unna vaallaku idhi best choice. Roju oka cup of brown rice thinte, diabetes ocche chance 60% varaku thagguthundhi.

High in fiber

Benefits of Brown Rice

Brown rice lo fiber content chala ekkuvaga undadamu valla, colon cancer raakunda custhundhi. Fibers, body lo unna toxins ni drain out chesthundhi.