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Eating Tips For Pregnant Women: Do’s And Dont’s


Pregnancy prathi oka mahila jeevitham lo oka marapurani feeling. Regular ga balanced diet chala important, adi inka pregnancy time lo aythey inka careful ga chusi thinnali. Pregnancy time lo food visham lo chala careful ga undali, Emi thinnali emi thinakudadhu anni chuskovali. Pregnancy time lo Konni food items ni full ga avoid cheyali. Eela yenni things mind lo petukunna there are few do’s and dont’s which every pregnant women should follow? Ee eating tips yenti ani anukuntunara? Aythey check this article to know more and share with your friends and family who are going to be to be moms.

Do’s :

1. Urinary tract ni infections free inka body lo unna toxins ni wash cheyali antey plenty of water bi consume cheyali.

Pregnant Women

2. Constipation lanti problems ni avoid cheyali antey fiber-rich food, fruits, fresh vegetables inka dairy products regular basis lo consume cheyali.

3. Frequent inka nutrients rich small meals ni consume cheyali.

4. Body ni inka baby ni health ni maintain cheyali antey dairy products, extra protein calcium unna food daily diet lo undali.


1. Mercury fish, undercooked meat, raw sprouts inka raw eggs lanti food ni complete ga avoid cheyali.

2. High amount fat, sugar, salty inka oily food ni chala varaku avoid cheyali, ee foods baby health inka growth pyna effect paduthundi.

3. Caffeine, alcohol substances ni complete ga avoid cheyali.

4. Unpasteurised milk, processed cheese inka preserved fruit juice are very harmful.

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