Encylopedia Britannica COO Vineet Whig Jumps To Death From 19th floor In Gurugram..!!

Vineet Whig , the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the international company Encylopedia Britannica committed suicide on Monday morning in Gurugram.

Whig jumped to death from his flat at 19th floor in the DLF Phase-III area. Based on the suicide note, cops have ruled out any foul play behind the death. Whig, reportedly, in his suicide note said that he is ending his life as he is fed up with himself.

According to a report in the Times of India, he is survived by his father, wife, two sons and a daughter.  Whig’s death came as a shock for his family. Vineet’s father suffered a heart-attack and his hospitalised now.

Police say that Whig committed suicide by jumping from the ventilation shaft of the building on Monday morning and his body was found by sweepers at 9 am. The police were summoned after sweepers found his body around 9 am on Monday, and found a suicide note in his pocket which said that he was taking the step as he was fed up with himself, the TOI report said.

His suicide note said, “I am taking my own life, no one is responsible. I am unable to cope. I am sorry. I am depressed. I see no way out except for suicide. Yes, I am a coward. I should have faced life.”

Mr Whig had earlier worked with IT giant Wipro. His father has been hospitalized with high blood pressure after hearing of the suicide.

Mr Whig is survived by his wife and three children. In a statement, they said, “It is an irreplaceable loss for the entire family. He was a sensitive, humble and down to earth person, always willing to extend a helping hand.”

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