We Tried To Explain Engineering Life Through Tarak-Charan’s Blank Expression & It’s LIT

1) MECH Guys:

Ala Oka Ammayi Maa Mech Corridor vaipu vaste chaalu…vaste chaalu

1 Ntr And Ram Charan2) EEE Guys:

The phenomenon of ionisation of surrounding air around the conductor due to which luminous glow with hissing noise is rise is known as the corona effect.

2 Ntr And Ram Charan3) CSE Guys:

3 Ntr And Ram Charan4) ECE Guys:

4 Ntr And Ram Charan5) CIVIL Guys:

5 Ntr And Ram Charan6) In Machines Lab:

6 Ntr And Ram Charan7) In C lab:

Ayyo Bagavantudaaa….

7 Ntr And Ram Charan8) In Circuits Lab:

8 Ntr And Ram Charan9) In Lab watching Lab Assistant’s Overaction:

9 Ntr And Ram Charan10) Watching Engineering College Dean Speech On The First Day Of Joining Engineering:

10 Ntr And Ram Charan11) Watching Dances On Freshers Day:

11 Ntr And Ram Charan12) Its Time For Seminar:

12 Ntr And Ram Charan13) Watching Happy Days Before Joining Engineering:

13 Ntr And Ram Charan14) Watching Happy Days After Completing Engineering:

14 Ntr And Ram Charan15) Its Time For HOD signs On Lab Records:

15 Ntr And Ram Charan16) It’s Viva Time:

16 Ntr And Ram Charan– Its Farewell Time…

17) Watching Engineering College Dean Speech On The Farewell Day:

17 Ntr And Ram Charan18) Watching Emotional Farewell Speeches:

18 Ntr And Ram Charan19) Watching Other getting campus placements:

19 Ntr And Ram Charan20) After Engineering:

20 Ntr And Ram Charan

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