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Enjoy Your Singlehood After Getting Out Of A Long-Term Relationship


We all know, how hard break-ups are to deal with. Oka relationship nunchi bayatiki vachaka, most of the time manam past ni gurthu cheskoni badha padthu untam. But sometimes, getting out of a relationship can be a good thing. Manam mana kosam time spend cheyachu, manaki istamainadhi cheskovachu.

So here are some things that you can do for yourself after you get out of a relationship

Do things for yourself

Relationship lo unapudu manam mana lover kosam chala sacrifices and compromises chesi untam. And now is the right time, to do all those things that you’ve always wanted to. Mimalni meru pamper cheyandi. Meku istamaina food order pettukondi, or meku istamaina movie ki vellandi or me friends ni meet avandi. Do things that will make you happy.

Make yourself first priority

Okapudu, mekante me lover ke ekkuva importance ichevallu. But now it’s time to prioritize yourself. Vere valla gurinchi pattichukokunda, meku nachindi meru cheyandi. Me likes and dislikes ni first priority lo pettandi.

It’s ‘ME’ time:

Relationship lo unapudu manam manakante ekkuvaga manam istapada vallaki importance ichedi. Thanu edhi chepthe adhe anukunedi. But now that you’re out of a relationship, you can spend as much time with yourself. Mana andariki epudo okasari, ala alone time spend cheyali anipisthadi, so ipudu aa alone time spend cheyandi. Watch your favourite web series or dance to your favourite music.

Travel as much as you want:

Relationship lo unapudu manaki most of the time enno sarlu plan chesi, edo oka reason valla cancel ayyedi vacation trips. And so, ipudu meri single kabatti, me single life ala meku istamaina places ki travel chesthu, life ni inka adventurous ga cheskondi. Friends or relatives tho chese feel kante single ga travel chese feel different ga untadi. You get to explore yourself.

Be independent, Stay independent:

One of the most important things that you need to learn after a rough breakup is to learn to be independent. Trust me, relationships lo unapudu manam mana lover medha dependent aitham, mellaga alavatu aipotham aa person. Aa alavatu nunchi bayatiki ravali ante chala kastam. So, use your singlehood phase to make yourself independent. Okapudu ye vishyalaki meru me ex medha depend ayyaro, ave meku meru cheskodam alavatu cheskondi.

Focus on what you want:

Trust me, this can be one of the most productive phases in your life for your personal development. It’s time, meru meeku life lo em kavali, em chesthe life lo settle avachu ani me future medha focus pettandi. And elanti person ni meru kavali anukuntunaru, life lo em achieve chesthe meru satisfy aitharu, ala oka checklist cheskoni follow aipondi.

We all have gone through some rough times when it comes to break up. But breakup can be one of the good things that can happen to you. Idhi meku nachinattu undataniki meku inko chance isthundi. Singlehood is not a bad thing, it a journey to explore yourself.

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