Ever Wondered Why Most Aeroplanes Are White In Colour?


Aeroplanes ekkadaina different colours lo undadam chusara? Naku thelisi 99.9% manam aeroplane anedhi white colour loney untundhi. Did you ever wonder why planes are white in colour? Come let us check out some reasons.

1. First of all, ‘White’ is an ‘Evergreen’ colour:

Aeroplanes Are White In Colour

Accepted? So dark colours aithe easy ga fade avthay, adhe white aithe it takes some period of time to get faded. Also, exposure to sun about 30,000 ft above ground level in the sky means more proximity with the UV radiations.

2. Using colours tend to be more operational regarding cost:

Aeroplanes Are White In Colour

Painting a plane may range from $50k to $200k. E colour unna, lekhapoina travelling doesn’t make any difference kabatti white eh prefer chestharu.

3. White has external thermal advantages:

Aeroplanes Are White In Colour

Science suggests that other colours absorb more wavelengths of light eventually making the object warmer soon, but white reflects all other wavelengths of light, and so the light is not converted into heat. Ikkada plus point entanedhi meeku ardamayye untundhi. Aeroplane cabins anevi slight ga cool gane untay eh white colour valla.

4. Anything is more visible on white:

Aeroplanes Are White In Colour

Manam thintunappudu food white jeans or white clothes meedha padinappudu entha clear ga kanipisthay? Alane edhanna crack, corrosion unnappudu kuda plane white colour lo unnappudu easy ga spot cheyyocchu.

5. White aeroplanes have a good resale value:

Aeroplanes Are White In Colour

White colour plane aithe unna company name ni vere company name tho easy ga replace cheyyocchu. E process lo elanti complications undavu. White planes are also economical.

6. The advantages of the least terms and conditions:

Aeroplanes Are White In Colour

It is surprising, but the majority of the airline companies don’t own any aircraft. Passenger aeroplanes anni lease ve. They are leased by the airlines from big plane leasing companies. Hence, it is easier to lease a standard white aeroplane and then just change its logo to put it into use.

This video will tell you more…

So…hope you enjoyed reading this article. Comment and let me know if there are any other reasons for the planes being white in colour!