10 Thoughts Every Ammayi Goes Through During & After Having A Haircut

You only see the hair, you don’t see the maintenance..Long hair ammayilu commonga cheppe dialogue idhi..

1. The never ending confusion on whether to get a haircut or not…

1.Girls hair cut

2. When you decide to cut your own bangs

2.Girls hair cut

3. What you expect v. What actually happens

3.Girls hair cut

4. When you try to convinve yourself that the haircut is cute.

4.Girls hair cut

5. The salon expectations v. Reality

5.Girls hair cut

During Haircut ……….

5A.Girls hair cut

6. When the hairstylist asks your opinion after cutting your hair……

6.Girls hair cut

6A.Girls hair cut

7. When you cannot stop clicking pictures with your new hair style

7.Girls hair cut

8. When you wanted to colour your hair, but cannot decide on which colour…

8.Girls hair cut

9. How we actually look after getting the hair colour

9.Girls hair cut

10. Hairfall……….

10.Girls hair cutEm chesina, entha manchi haircut cheyinchina, malli next day asusual ga hairfall avtune untadhi..

Let us know in the comments section, things that you relate to or experience during a haircut.

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