9 Eateries That Every Food Lover Must Visit When In Vizag

Vizag, The City of Destiny. Chuttu beaches, scenic view inka Ila chala. Ivani kalipithene vizag kadu , food yes Vizag is famous for it’s amazing local food courts . Nalage Meru kuda eppudu ayina vizag vellina lekapothe velali ane plan cheskuntuna isari miss avakunda chudalsinave kakunda velli pakka tinali ani anukune places konni unai , try cheyandi.

Inka late enduku mundhu asalu aa places ento chudandi , taruvatha me akali terchukondi..lets get hungry..!!

1. Baker’s Castle

Food Lover

Where? – Siripuram.

What? – This bakery gets you good food for reasonable prices. Do try out the burgers and the pastries he has to offer. This place is usually known for their birthday cakes, so if you’ve got one coming up, do treat yourself !

Cost? – 300 for 2 people.

Recommendations – Veg\chicken burger, Dark chocolate pastry.

2. Green park midnight biryani:

Food Lover

Where? – On the way to Jagadamba.

What? – If you’re looking to eat as much of Biryani as you can after 11:30 in the night, no further questions. Get down to Green Park and make your tummy full. Amazing food, nice ambiance, friendly staff and unlimited quantity.

Cost? – 700 for 2 people.

Recommendations – The ice cream with the gulab jamun.

3. Deepak Punjabi Dhaba

Food Lover

Where? – Asilmetta, near RTC Complex.

What? – Three words. Authentic Punjabi food. Deepak brings you back the taste of authentic north Indian cuisine in Vizag.

Cost ? – 600 for 2 people.

Recommendations – Tandoori chicken, dal makhni, butter chicken, panner butter masala

4. Vemkatadri Vantillu

Food Lover

Where? – Peda Waltair Road, Opp. Andhra University.

What? – Hot,tasty and spicy tiffins. Venkatadri vantillu is pretty good, But onthe other hand, he gives you four chutneys. SO you’ve got that to go.

Cost? – 150 for 2 people.

Recommendations – Sponge dosa, ghee karam dosa.

5. Sai Ram Parlour

Food Lover

Where? – Diamond park.

What? – The moment you are in Vizag and you haven’t been to Sri Sairam Parlour, your truly missing up a major opportunity for the benefit of having the best south Indian food this city brings to the table.

PS: They have a new 24X7 outlet at RTC Complex. Do check it out !

Cost ? – 300 for 2 people.

Recommendations – Veg meals .

6. Pastry, coffee and conversations

Food Lover

Where? – Siripuram

What? – PCC, as it is more affectionately called,is a joint frequented by the younger generation. And why not, with their retro themed restaurant with kick-ass posters and an ambiance that screams hip, this place is loved throughout the city. And not just that, they’ve got some delicious food to go along with the ambiance.

Cost? – 200 for 2 people.

Recommendations – Honestly, I just go there for the ambiance and the black coffee. But I’ve seen people order a lot of pastries, so yeah , pastries.

7. GITAM ‘down maggi’

7 - maggi


Where? – Right on the beach next to GITAM University

What? – Maggi, omelettes, bread and chai, coupled with generous quantities of soft drinks, An engineer’s paradise. Check out this place for the cheap yet extremely spicy food !

Cost? – 100 for 2 people.

Recommendations – Egg maggi and omelette

8. Laddu Gopal

Food Lover


Where? – MVP double road.

What? – Sweet , Spicy, Hot &Good stuff. Everything from chaat to sweets, this guy gives a distinctly north Indian vibe in Vizag. And yes, all of the items are made fresh before your eyes.

Cost? – 200 for 2 people.

Recommendsations – Pav Bhaji. Jalebi. Kachori.

9. Bake my wish

Food Lover

Where? – Near Delhi Public school, Lawson’s Bay.

What? – A bakery with probably the sweetest owner you’ll ever come across, all of which come at avery reasonable price. With variations including a frankie like dosa and pastries with exotic flavours in them, you can be guaranteed to have some
amazing food here.

Cost? – 400 for 2 people.

Recommendations – Anything that Sirisha(owner) recommends, really ! She is the Boss.

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