What Every Month Of The Calender Reminds Us Of

With the beginning of another New Year, we know how fast time passes. By the end of every year, we all are in an unbelievable state of mind – ‘Seriously? Has the year come to an end?’. When you take a look back at the calendar, you can never recollect every incident that happened day-to-day. Just a few moments from every month will sum up that year’s timeline for us.

It will vary from person to person. But, every month speaks of those common features that occur in that particular month. In that perspective, when one looks at the months of the year, what is that ONE thing every month reminds us of? Here it is!!


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The resolutions last only till the end of this month. If you are a South Indian, Sankranthi/Pongal have big releases, followed by Republic Day.


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Love is in the air! There are people loving each other and there are also people stopping them from loving.


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This month is a pain in the ass. Students struggle while preparing for exams and employees clearing their taxes.


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Beginning of summer!


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Yeah, holidays! But, it’s still summer!!


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Damn, college again!!


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Ooops…already half the year is over. All the targets and goals are revised for the remaining half.


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#ILoveIndia #MeraBharatMahaan. Hashtags regarding patriotism will trend in this month of Independence. This is the only month when we love our country.


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One of the 12 months that just passes without any notice.


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Filled with celebration of festivals. New movies. New movies. New movies!!


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Another month that is in between winter and festivals.


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Even though you aren’t a Christian, there is some merry around celebrating Christmas!! And another year has come to an end.


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