Every Parent Of An Aspiring Girl Should Listen To This Awesome Speech By Nagbabu


Each day is showing a new dimension to the today’s youth in dreaming big. The world has got smarter and has opened its ground to accommodate many perspectives and ideologies. The understanding of times where women would sit at home and men would go to work is now an age old thing. The world has now slowly transformed itself into providing equal opportunities to both the genders. Again the opportunity here is not something that falls from the sky, it is about how we provide space respecting everyone’s ideas irrespective of the genders.

The patriarchy of men always holding the dominant position is now diluting and women are proving to be no less in all walks of life. The basic step towards widening this space is when parents start to consider all their kids alike, be it a boy or a girl. Encouraging them to explore their dreams is the least and the best thing they could do.


With Niharika Konidela being the first girl from the Mega camp to enter the industry, all the Mega heroes are super pumped up to welcome her. From her own brother Varun Tej who said that it was amazing to see the little girl now turning into a heroine in no time, to Allu Arvind, all were in praise for Niharika’s bold step towards proving and making a mark for herself.

Keeping aside the Allu Arjun’s speech at Oka Manasu audio launch, the warmest moment was when father Nagbabu had all praises for his little angel. The moment when Niharika questioned him as to why she can’t choose a path that she wants to and why it’s being differentiated because she is a girl was a moment of realization for the father. Nagbabu openly accepted his limited perspective and that actually showed how broad as a father he went in allowing his daughter to pursue her dreams.

He even appealed to the parents of every girl to allow them to pursue their dreams and bring a change in our stereotyped mindsets.

Now, that’s how we want one generation to understand their next generation. Wish all parents who are conservative about their kids take Nagbabu as an example.

You’ve earned great respect, Sir! Kudos!!

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