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12 Thoughts you get when everyone around you is getting married


When you hit your mid 20’s, lots of people get married. There are still people who continue studying working or staying bachelors. But when you see everyone around you getting married, you get crazy thoughts and your mind speaks out of frustration.

1. You get scared facebook open cheyyali ante…someone or the other gets married or engaged and there are posts flooding about it on your wall.
2. If it was just one or two, you might attend and wish them all the success and happiness in life, but since it doesn’t stop with 10-15 also, we search for excuses not to attend them.
3. Sometimes you feel sick about being alone while everyone is enjoying being a couple.
4. You miss to go a friends’ hangout since they are all hanging out with their partners.
5. And then, you have to face questions about your marriage.
6. Sometimes you really want to attend a few weddings for the amazing food they have.
7. We sometimes run out of clothes to wear. Inni weddings ante mana salary motham gifts and dresses ke aipothay.
8. Sometimes we feel positive. Inni weddings chushnaka, mana wedding ki manaki too much experience ocheshindi that everything will be perfect.
9. And when you are attending another friend’s wedding, you do not want all these people to attend you wedding with babies. So you start worrying about getting married late and secretly want to get married soon
10. Sometimes you just pass time looking for handsome/beautiful singles vere weddings lo.
11. Konni sarlu you feel relieved you are not getting married anytime soon.
12. Inni sarees, jewellery and so much stress badalu pelli cheskokunda undatam is nice anpisthadi.

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