Everything About G.O.A.T. Emoji Fan-War On Twitter & The Story Behind This Acronym

Twitter lo sudden ga Iroju G.O.A.T ane emoji fan war and trend okkasari jai ani lesindi. Assala ee G.O.A.T ante enti? G.O.A.T trend endi ra babu ani andaru oka chinna confusion lo unnaru. Aithe ee confusion ki answer teliyali ante ee story chadavalsindhe.

What Is G.O.A.T?

Initial ga kondaru celebs and prominent personalities ni G.O.A.T ani antunte andaru adenti antha pedda star ni pattukuni ala antunnaru ani anukunna vallu chala mandi unnaru. For ex Sachin ni G.O.A.T ante ayyo mana Cricket God ni pattukuni GOAT antava ani diehard sachin fans godavalu chesina incidents chala unnayi.

Aithe ee G.O.A.T ane word enduku use chestharu? Ela start aindi ante?

G.O.A.T is an acronym for Greatest Of All Time, used as reference to praise, applaud greatest talents in respective fields from politics, cricket to cinema. Social media occhaka chala popular aindi ee word…for the first time ee G.O.A.T term ni evaru chesaru ante?

G.O.A.T term was first used by Boxing legend Muhammad Ali’s wife Lonnie Ali in 1992. Muhammed Ali intellectual properties ni strong cheyadaniki and commercial purposes ni back cheyadaniki tana wife Lonnie Ali first time G.O.A.T word incorporate chesthu G.O.A.T INC ni establish chesindi.

Muhammed Ali boxing lo appatike the greatest player avvadam and ee G.O.A.T ane acronym Greatest Of All Time ki match avtundadam tho Muhammed Ali ni andaru The GOAT without horns ani pilicevaru.

G.O.A.T word used as Music Album Name in 2000 by LL Cool J Who is an American Rapper:

Early 2000’s lo LL Cool J ane American Rapper…ee G.O.A.T term ni tana album name ga pettadam when he was questioned about this he recited ‘I used it after Muhammed Ali’s reference as Greatest Of All Time’.

Aa taruvatha ee G.O.A.T ane term used with reference to praise and applaud prominent talents like Serena Williams, LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and Lionel Messi, as GOAT’s by print, electronic media as well as by their fans.

The G.O.A.T acronym became much more popular on Social Media platforms like facebook, twitter. And G.O.A.T acronym got much attention when it was used for football champions like Lionel Messsi & Cristiano Ronaldo in later days.

Why All of Sudden G.O.A.T acronym with Emoji was trending on twitter:

Mana country lo cricket lo Sachin ni ee term tho praise chesaru aa taruvatha MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and akkadi nundi mellaga cinema stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Rajinikanth lanti vallani kuda ee G.O.A.T term use chesi praise cheyadam start chesaru. Aithe sudden ga Twitter lo G.O.A.T Emoji fanwar start aindi and we are like clueless assalu enduku chestunnaru? Em jarigindi all of sudden ani…

Matter loki velthe…recent ga Twitter vallu GOAT Emoji ni introduce chesaru. Just aa emoji ni introduce cheyadam formal ga untundi anukunna Twitter vallu ee word ni match chese world famous personality and football champion aina Cristiano Ronaldo name ni #CR7 hashtag tho accompanied by the Goat Emoji tho ee GOAT Emoji ni launch chesaru.

Anthe idi mana Lionel Messsi fans ki nachaledu…inkem undi elago GOAT Emoji undi kada adi use chesthu #LM10 accompanied by the Goat Emoji ni use chesthu vallu oka hashtag ni trend cheyadam start chesaru. Ala Twitter lo #CR7 & LM10 with GOAT emojis hashtag worldwide trend aindi.

Idi chusina mana Indian Twitter users memu em takkuva tinnama antu Virat Kohli name accompanied by the Goat Emoji tho oka hashtag start chesaru. Anthe andi adi kastha Thala Ajith, Mahesh Babu, Pawan Kalyan, Yash, Prabhas lanti fanwars varaku occhindi.

Idi anamata G.O.A.T venka unna Twitter tanta..mana vallu pettina penta.

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