Everything About TRP Rating And Its Purpose In TV

What is TRP:

TRP…Television Rating Point (TRP) is a TV audience measurement tool that is used to judge the viewers of the programs. It is an index which gives us an idea about the reach and frequency of advertising messages towards a target audience. In simpler terms, TRP basically denotes how many people or audience is watching a particular advertisement. TRP is a method to determine the effectiveness of an advertisement. TRP, also known as Television Rating Point, is a tool that measures the viewership and popularity of a channel or a program. TRP helps in determining which shows are viewed the most by the people and the mood of the people regarding viewership of the channels and the programs.

It helps in deciding which market to invest in advertising, especially for a smaller business. The strategy is to invest in those markets which allow deeper penetration into the target audience i.e. higher TRP.TRP enables Advertisers to determine which channels and which programs are viewed the most and what people enjoying watching on the television.TRP gives the content providers to know whether their content is being liked or not. Also, based on TRP number, they can modify the content to be shown if needed.


Measurement of TRP:

TRP is measured with a device is used which is called People’s meter. The device is connected to Televisions in a few thousand households spread across different geographical and demographic regions. People’s Meter notes down the time, channel and the program that a viewer watches in a day. The data for a 7-day period or 30-day period is collected and analyzed from all these households which then gives the viewership status of the channels and the program. The TRP in India is measured by BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council). BARC publishes weekly TRP results of all channels and program on its official website.

Advantages of TRP

TRP of a channel help companies target the audience based on the popularity and evaluate their ROI. It enables broadcasting companies to charge higher values from advertisers when there are shows with higher ratings.

Methods to Measure TRP:

There are two methods to measure TRP which are Traditional and Modern methods.

Traditional Method:

TRPs = Reach among target audience (%) x Average frequency

Modern Method:

In this method, video signals are transmitted at particular intervals and hence, this method is also known as a picture monitoring technique. Every channel signal is decoded at the INTAM station and the TRPs are generated.

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