Excuses we make when our diet fails miserably


Well, Summer anagane vacations to paatu manam plan chesukunedi elagaina weight loss avvalani. Prime Minister schedule kuda undananta perfect ga manam plan prepare cheskuntam. Kani Varadallu low-lying areas kottukupoyinatu, mana laziness vala a Summer vacation time kasta poortaipoyidi.

A time kasta apoyaka manam ayyo waste chesam ani baadapadi, manalni manam sardi cheppukodaniki konni reasons vetukuntam. So, ivala manam a reasons gurinchi matladeskunda,

I don’t have time to follow diet1-Anushka-Shetty-from-Size-ZeroMorning gym, low-calorie food vetaniki kosam time ledu na degara. Because I am occupied with some other work. Manaki telusu dentlo enta varaku nijam undo.

Everyone in my family is fat – obesity is in our genes2-Namita-from-Simha-or-BillaMa family anta fat gane untaru. So, valla valle nen kuda ila unna. Mem enni try chesina work avadu ani cheppestuntam. Laziness valla we don’t want to wake up early in the morning and hit the gym. Most importantly we don’t want to comprise in our favorite food.

My partner, friends and everyone prefers me in this look3-Hansika-from-Oh-My-friendOfcourse, to some extent it is true. Manalni baga istapadevallu manam chubby ga unte chudalanukuntaru.

At my age everyone is overweight4-Richa-Gangipadyaya-from-MirapakayManam use chese inko most common reason, na age lo andaru ilane untaru automatic ki inkoncham old aitey I will become thin. So, ipudu nenu enta diet follow ayyina work out avvadu.

I eat a lot because I travel a lot and I don’t have time for diet5-manjima-mohan-from-Saahasam-swasaga-saagipoNenu baga travel chesta so anduke naku diet cheyadam kudaradu. I can’t search for a low calorie food, when I am moving here and there.

I can’t afford to go on a diet6-Anjali-from-GeethanjaliNa degara anta budget ledu, to join a gym and purchase low-calorie food. I will follow it from next month.