Facebook is testing paid subscription for instant articles to readers on android


Facebook ! present manam aah platform lone unnam so no introduction is needed, Okay coming to the Story Instant Articles on Facebook chala easy apoindabba readers ki aythe, publishers pade baadhalu audience ki telidu kaani oka manchi Article ivvadam kosam every second ma lives lo jarige prathi okka chinna thing ne repati Article ki use avtademo ani collect chesi pettukuntu untam, especially nenu aythe almost mobile use chespudu new App or new Update use chespudu Screen recording lo pettukoni konni aythe ventane screenshots teeskodam and inkonni browse chesepudu new things kanipiste aah links book mark cheskuntu ala anni use cheskoni daily naku nenu update avtu ee Tech Articlea chestuntanu, max migatha vallu kuda enthe untaru.facebookPreviously oka Article chesinapudu adi website lo publish chesi adhi malli facebook lo share cheste aah web links chala slow ga load ay website open ayyesarke pranalu poyevi manavi konthamandi aythe alanti weblinks click cheyyatam maanesaru, recent years lo facebook Instant Articles introduce chesindi ee Instant Articles Publishers ki Readers ki chala easy way lo serve chestunnai, Instant Articles are 100 times faster than normal web link so ipudu facebook audience kuda baaga Instant Articles ki alavatu padipoyaru, easy to access and with a clean UI oka Article ne embedded chesi images, Videos, Gifs, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts ne direct ga embedded Automatically or manually insert cheskunela ee Instant Articles design chesaru and short period lo audience baaga connect aypoyaru.facebook

Time to Pay for Instant Articles

Yes, now we have to pay to access instant Articles on facebook, Ee Subscription amount pay chestne aah page Instant Articles access untundi and oka page subscription inkoka page ki valid avvadu, you have to pay in individual to every page to read their Articles and this Subscriptions are not transferable like Amzon Prime Video, Netflix or Hotstar they are base on facebook account. and the payment and subscription is valid as for the T&C of Publisher.facebook

Inka ee payments edi aythe meeru pay chestaro adhi total 100% amount publishers ki veltundi no more percentage for facebook and already 2015 lo Instant Articles introduce chesinappudu Facebook Audience Network Ads placement feature ichindi ante ila Instant Articles valla Publishers Google Adsense nunchi single penny kuda raadu because viewers andaru facebook lone access chestunte normal weblinks evaru open cheyyaru so publishers loss avvakudani Facebook Audience Network lo Ads pettukunela aah Ads ki money Facebook pay chestundi, ee Ads meeku daily kanipistuntai Instant Articles lo epudu kuda meeku paina image lo and ee Article lo konni Ads untai clear ga chuste, these are Ads are based on clicks so antha revenue em raadu publishers ki, Anduke daily 10 free Articles from every page Freemium ane policy tho andariki free ga istundi and after 10 free articles you will loss access to further articles, meru pay cheste remaining articles kuda without any limit lo chudochu, We can’t judge this because oka pakka as a publishers we are not at all earning as much we are paying out to the our employees but only for brand identity and audience kosam prathi roju new content tho me mundu untunnam.

Present aythe ee feature vall Apple iPhone users ki em problem ledu, Android users meru a time lo ayna payment cheyyalisi vastundi because Paid Subscription attached to Android Operating System only because it is an Open Source OS, Apple has rejected the comment from facebook because as for the AppStore 2011 policy any “In-App-Purchase” lo 30% share Apple ki pay cheyyali but facebook 100% Publishers ki provide cheyyalani comment chesidi so Apple T&C ne gattiga follow avtadi, Apple Accept chese varku Apple users ki Free Access untundi.

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