These Interesting Facts About Bangalore City Will Make You Say ‘Namma Bengaluru’

These Interesting Facts About Bangalore City Will Make You Say ‘Namma Bengaluru’

Bangalore or Bengaluru, whatever the name may be but it is one of the biggest, most significant, good metropolitan cities in India. Bangalore is undoubtedly one of the best cities to live in with world-class infrastructure, IT companies, jobs, and a truly cosmopolitan city in every aspect. Now widely regarded as the Silicon Valley Of India for its IT companies, IT Jobs, and strong IT base in India.

Today Bangalore evolved as one of the leading metro cities in India competing with world cities. Now, we would like to hold, taking a pause to tell you some interesting facts about Bangalore City in this article.

Hope these facts about Bangalore City will make you love Bangalore city more and say ‘Namma Bengaluru’

1. According to 19th Western Ganga dynasty inscriptions, the Bangalore or Bengaluru name is derived from Begur (the village between present-day Bengaluru and Hosur Highway), was the place of a battle in 890 CE.

2. Kempe Gowda, the Kannada ruler and king of Karnataka laid the foundation for Bangalore City in 1537 with a mud fort. He developed it as the capital city with temples, gardens, lakes and bridges across the rivers.

3. Later British East India Company captured Bengaluru and turned it as their capital city of Karnataka after the 4th Anglo-Mysore War in 1799. Under British rule Bangalore witnessed huge growth, and they brought a First Electric Street Light to Bengaluru roads in 1905. So, Bangalore is the first Asian and Indian To Have First Electric Street Light.

4. Birthplace to Rava Idli

Some theories and historians say that how Rava Idli came to the limelight is that there was a shortage of rice during World War II. As an alternative to rice shortage, the Bangalore-based restaurant chain Mavalli Tiffin Room came up with the Rava Idli concept which became a hit dish then and the rest is history.

5. City which inspired RK Naryanan to write Malgudi

The Story Behind Rk Narayanan’s popular book Malgudi, city-inspired RK to write ‘Malgudi’ book after the neighborhoods Malleswaran and Basavanagudi near Bengaluru.

6. City With the Most Nobel Prize Nominations

From CV Raman the Nobel Prize winner who won it for his Ram Effect from here only. Bangalore has produced many world-renowned scientists with the most Nobel Prize Nominations.

7. 3rd Most Populous Metro City In India

Bangalore is today the 3rh most populous city in India and the 27th largest city in the world with an 11 Million population.

8. Bangalore weather is unbeatable

Situated above the sea level of 3000 ft, Bangalore city has the best weather and climate conditions compared to all other Indian cities. Bangalore weather is unbeatable with Warm, Cool, and cozy climate conditions in all seasons.

9. The Mecca Of Startups

60% of Indian Startups are from Bangalore only and most of them are successful startups. Game-changing startups like Flipkart, Swiggy, Myntra, Zoomcar, and others are from Bangalore only.

10. Largest IT City & Known As Silicon Valley Of India

When it comes to IT Exports, Imports, Jobs, and Resources no other Indian City comes close to Indian City. With more than 200-300+ IT Companies, Bangalore is the largest, biggest, and supreme city with leading IT services and resources in the country.

Namma Bengaluru

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