8 Facts About Iphones That Will Surprise & Make You Say Avuna Nijama

Iphone ante andariki konalani untundi kani konaleru…market lo Iphone ki range veru, market veru, following veru, Decades avutundi ippatiki Iphone ni beat chese mobile raledu going forward ostundi anna hope kuda ledu. Technology, Features, Design, Safety and akariki cost and pricing ila prathi vishayam lo Iphone taggedhe le anattu untundi.

Andhuke Iphones ki market lo aa craze untundi…here are some interesting facts About Iphones That Will Surprise & Make You Say Avuna Nijama?

1. ‘Purple’ is the codename given to iPhone when it was being developed

Steve Jobs gave the codename ‘ ‘Purple’ to the project when they were working on it.

2. I in iPhone Stands For Internet

Dear iPhone Users, Do You Know? Meaning of the ‘I’ letter appears in the name of every Apple device?

Steve Jobs explained the meaning of the ‘I’ letter in the iPhone stands for ‘Internet’ when he introduced the iMac to the world in 1998. Because the internet was a new concept to the general public at the time.

3. Iphone’s Processors Are Made By Samsung

Apple & Samsung are arch rivals in the mobile market. Samsung the Korean tech-giant company makes processors for the Iphones Despite being arch-rivals.

4. Apple User Agreement Says

Apple’s End User License Agreement (EULA) states that Apple devices and services cannot be used to develop nuclear, missile, chemical, or biological weapons. Isn’t it intriguing?

5. First Call On iPhone Was A Prank

In 2007, Steve Jobs made a prank call to a nearby Starbucks and ordered 4,000 lattes when he made his first iPhone call and canceled it immediately.

6. The Story Behind ‘9:42 Or 9:41’ Time Display On iPhone

The time displayed on all iPhone devices in ads, commercials, and promotional events is 9;42 then, and 9: 41 has changed in recent times. 9:42 (AM) is the exact time when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone to the World in 2007.

7. 1 Phone – 200 Patents

Apple has registered 200 different patents on unique technology features like force touch and over-the-air updates.

8. Approx 2.5 Billion iPhones Sold Out Worldwide

As of 2018, around 2.2 Billion iPhones have been sold out and it is approximately 2.5 Billion iPhones till date.

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