11 lesser known facts about the most loved villain, Bhallaladeva/Rana Daggubati


1. Rana has first entered the film industry as a VFX artist and then made his debut in Leader.1-rana-daggubati-1

2. BallalaDeva ga he portrayed a very strong amd am arrogant warrior but in real he is known to be a very sensitive person.1-rana-daggubati-2

3. His favorite colors are blue, black and white.1-rana-daggubati-3

4. He purchases shoes wherever he goes.1-rana-daggubati-4

5. He had a problem with one of his eyes in his childhood and still cannot see anything with that eye.1-rana-daggubati-5

6. He has acted in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi movies. In a very short span he has worked alongside Ajith, Akshay Kumar, Bipasha Basu, Amitab Bachan, Sanjay Dutt and many more celebrities.1-rana-daggubati-6

7. Baahubali definitely his finest film for his long time.1-rana-daggubati-7

8. He also did a cameo role in Ye Jawaani hain Deewani.1-rana-daggubati-8

9. Talking to the media, few days before the Bahubali’s release, Salman Khan said, “I’ve seen the promos and the film looks phenomenal. I have known Rana for the longest time and he has done a superb job. I’m really happy that the film has done well and today, Rana will realise why I used to tell him to act.” We are glad that Salman khan has got Rana into acting!1-rana-daggubati-9

10. Before getting into film industry, Rana aspired to become a software engineer.1-rana-daggubati-10

11. Rana is also known as a great foodie.1-rana-daggubati-12