Here’s Why Samosas Are Healthier Than Burgers

Hello Foodies!!! Welcome back….Samosa…Crispy Spicy Indian Street food… Our beloved Snack…tea time ki leka evening sudden hunger pangs ki mouthwatering, simple and tasty snack. Samosa shape ae triangular ga attractive ga untundi. Samosa was born in the Middle east & Central Asia, aina kooda India lo baga popular aina Snack.. ae city ki vellina samosa popular ayyi untundi… erojullo kids ki samosa ki antha attachment undadam ledu. But they love to eat Burger

Most favorite of many people, but it is a fat bomber. So dani kanna mana samosa chaala healthy..adenti antaara ?? then go through this article…

1. No Preservatives

Samosa Is Healthier Than A Burger

Samosas are made with Vegetables. Cheese gani, preservatives minimal amount lo untayi. Just locally available species like Maida, Potatoes, curry leaves, coriander lantivi use chestaaru. Burger lo, foreign ingredients with preservatives untai so
compared to burger, samosa is much better.

2. Fresh Ingredients

Samosa Is Healthier Than A Burger

As we discussed, samosa lo wheat dough, onions, ginger garlic, potatoes untai and they are freshly prepared. But in burger, ala kaadu. Pre-baked bread, over-cooked patties, deep-fried doughs tho chestaaru.

3. Lower calories

Samosa Is Healthier Than A Burger

One single deep-fried samosa whether large or small nearly oka 300 calories untai. But in burger it is 350- 500. Idi kuda based on the type of burger you prefer. Inka side lo ketchup, mayonnaise and some other sauce anukondi, it adds more
calories.. kaani samosa is just 300 calories, what will you choose?

4. Less Synthetic

Samosa Is Healthier Than A Burger

Indian Snacks anni kooda less synthetic ga untai and moreover they don’t affect your lifestyle. Kaani, burger lanti synthetic food lo artificial flavors are added for taste and odour. Deni vallana fat, stomach diseases vastai. So, Samosa is better
than burger.

5. Less salt & sugar intake

Samosa Is Healthier Than A Burger

According to multiple surveys, Burger lo salt and sugar content is very high which affects your intestines.  But samosa lo alantivi is just a small content. It is almost the same as our daily routine intake. Also, burger is a packaged food. so, it is not
safe to take packed food.

Anything in moderation is fine so make your choice very carefully by remembering above steps. Do you still prefer a big fat burger?

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