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Facts you would surely want to know about the ‘Gentleman’, Nani


1. Naveen Babu Ghanta was called Nani in his childhood and this became his screen name once he entered Tollywood


2. We all listen to radio every single day. This ‘Majnu ‘ was also a Radio Jockey at World Space Satellite in Hyderabad and got famous with a program by the name, ‘Nonstop Nani’. This name is really apt and we really wish Nani a nonstop success.

3. Nani was always interested to get into direction. Maniratnam was his inspiration and hence joined bapu films as a clap boy.

4. He started making his career into films as an assistant director with Bapu, Radha Gopalam. He did assistant direction for movies, one of which includes the very famous, ‘Dhee’.

5. He is a close friend of Nandini Reddy and they both tend to be together and discuss direction and scripts and that is really how he got into a lead role in ‘Ala Modalaindi’. Interesting one!

6. Nani got a sunshine on his face when he heard from his role model, Maniratnam, do dub for Dalquar’s voice in ‘OK Bangaram’. He definitely is eager to work with this legend.

Congratulations on your success with Majnu and wishing you all the luck for the movies to come.

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