Fake Baba Who Duped Lifestyle Building Owner For Rs 1.3 Cr Caught In Bangalore


The high profile theft of Lifestyle building owner, Mr. Madhusudan Reddy, where a fake baba fled with Rs 1.3 Cr cash blatantly has been the talk of the town over the last 24 hours. Known as Shivananda Baba, the god-man had been in touch with Madhusudan Reddy for the past one year. In order to get away with the financial troubles Reddy was facing, he invited the Baba to perform a puja at his residency.

Madhusudan Reddy provided the Baba accommodation in Taj Banjara after picking him from Bengaluru through a Bengaluru based travel agency. After completing the puja at around 3pm on Wednesday, Shivananda offered tainted prasadam to Reddy, his wife Vidyavathi and their son Sandesh. Reddy and his wife immediately fainted. Their domestic help and driver felt suspicious about the whole happening after a while and broke open the door only to find all three lying on the ground. They immediately shifted them to Apollo hospital and their relatives logged a complaint against the robbers.

But, like it is said, robbers cannot prosper always; the fake Baba was caught in Bengaluru after the Police went hunting for him and finally found him. While scanning through the materials he used for puja, surprisingly there was even a Harry Potter book that the baba used in his puja. Check this video and find for yourself.

Guess a big lesson for most of us who blindly believe in such Baba. It is not the question of believing in a person or not, the answer to this is – Believe in yourself first before you rely on some third party who barely knows from where you came and take the authority to drive you in your crisis.


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