Taj Mahal to Tirupati: 12 Famous Places In India Where Flights Are Not Allowed To Fly Over

India lo some famous places like Taj Mahal and Parliament meedha nundi flights velladaniki permission ledu. In fact ala velthe adi crime kindhaki vastundi aviation department and airlines, flight pilot ala velthe chala legal issues face cheyalsi vastundi.

Mari India lo unna aa ‘No-Fly’ zones ento enduku akkada flights restrict anedi teluskundam padandi…..

1. Taj Mahal – Uttar Pradesh

Taj MahalTo protect this monument from air pollution and others, the Government ordered many restrictions and ‘No Fly Zone’ is one among them.

2. Parliament Building – Delhi

Parliament BuildingIndian politics ki politicians ki illu lanti ee building in 2001 lanti terror attacks nundi save cheyadaniki and evariki building plan teliyakunda undataniki and protect cheyadaniki ikka ‘No-Fly Zone’ chesaru.

3. Rashtrapati Bhavan – Delhi

Rashtrapati BhavanIka First Citizen of India, mana President and ayana unde Rastrapathi Bhavan ki security vishayam lo chala care tisukuntaru andulo okati ee ‘No-Fly Zone’ security precaution.

4. Mathura Oil Refinery – Uttar Pradesh

Mathura Oil RefineryTaj Mahal ki 50 Km dooram lo unde ee refinery paina nundi flights not allowed because of some security threats and reasons.

5. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre – Mumbai

Bhabha Atomic Research CentreIka nuclear and atomic research centre aina ee place ki 10 km radius lo flights velloddu ani restriction undi. Because ikkada chala varaku research and experiments jarugtuhu untayi and security threats unde chance undi kabatti.

6. Sriharikota – Nellore

SriharikotaIka mana Nellore lo unna Sriharikota space and research centre paina nundi and nearby radius lo tiragdaniki flights ki permission ledu. Because frequent ga satellites and rockets tests conduct chestaru kabatti and also other privacy, security reasons.

7. Prime Minister’s Residence – Delhi

Prime Minister’s ResidenceIka mana country prime minister unde residence paina nundi flights velladnaiki permission ledu for security reasons and to ensure his protection.

8. Different air force and air bases in the country

Different air force and air bases in the countryIka country lo unde air force and air bases meeda nundi kuda flights velladaniki ledu because ikkada eppudu war flights and other jets trials and experiments jaruguthune untayi kabati.

9. Golden Temple – Amritsar, Punjab

Golden TempleEe holy place and temple ki unna religious importance valla… ee temple meeda nundi flights velladaniki permission ledu.

10. Tower of Silence – Mumbai

Tower of Silence

11. Padmanabhaswamy Temple – Kerala

Padmanabhaswamy TempleIka sensational and most famous temple of kerala Padmanabha Temple ki unna religious importance valla… ee temple meeda nundi flights velladaniki permission ledu.

12. Tirupati – Andhra Pradesh

TirupatiIka mana edukondala vadu unde Tirumala konda meedha nundi kani… main temple meedha nundu kani flights velladaniki ledu in consideration of temple’s history, religious importance and devotee sentiments…

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