Fan Theories Behind LEO Movie & Its Connection With Kaithi & Vikram Is An Interesting Read

Fan Theories Behind LEO Movie & Its Connection With Kaithi & Vikram Is An Interesting Read

After delivering box office blockbusters like Kaithi and Vikram, Lokesh kanagaraj has become a brand for mainstream action cinema. Everyone is excited about his upcoming film with Thalapathy Vijay. Finally, the cast and crew revealed, and the teaser dropped and made everyone go WHISTLEPODU.

But the question is, does LEO will be a part of LCU? No one knows, Lokesh Kanagaraj has been silent about it, but the fans seem to be vocal about it, and after the teaser of LEO dropped, various exciting fan theories have been surfacing on social media about LEO being a part of LCU.

Here are some fan theories that are going viral on social media.

1. In the teaser we see a masked gang traveling in cars. This masked gang resembles Kamal Haasan’s team from Vikram.

2. And in another shot, we see another gang in cars at night, SUVs. These SUVs resemble the entry of Rolex in Vikram, as he enters the Vikram universe with SUVs.

3. In the teaser, we see Thalapathy Vijay holding a bean. The bean is an Erythoxylum seed that acts as the primary source of cocaine. And this is linked to Vikram, in Vikram Kamal Haasan also mentions Erythoxylum and we see him holding the same bean in the rail. Fans speculate Vijay is an Erythoxylum dealer in the movie.

4. Karthi in Kaithi says that he worked in a bakery for three years when he was in prison. As we saw in the LEO teaser, Vijay runs a form of bakery, so Dilli and Leo are connected per the fan theories.

5. The actress playing the role of Agent Tina in Vikram is seen among the cast of the movie, LEO. The fans are speculating LEO will be happening way before the time when Vikram happened.

6. And the actor Mariyam George, who played Napolean was seen at the pooja ceremony of LEO. So any doubts? LEO is connected to LCU.

All these are exciting fan theories, every day the hype around Leo is getting bigger and bigger. To know the truth in these theories, we have to wait for the release.

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