Fardeen Khan Has The Perfect Reply For Those ” Enjoying ” Body Shaming..!!


Stereotyping and generalizing comes so natural to us. See that was a generalized statement too. But, most of us might have counted it among an acceptable intro line. But a generalization that is worse and has been imbibed in most of us is that harassment, body shaming, and abuse is something that only women tend to experience.

Well, let me enlighten you and show you your way out of the cave, if you believed in that too. Because, men do get targeted too and more often then not suffer in silence for the fear of being labeled as an isolated case, that will add insult to injury. In today’s world social media plays the perfect platform for these victims, abusers, et al to surface.

Social media is one place where we get to see hypocrisy come to life. Because it is the same individuals that create a hue and cry about a lady actor, celebrity, or anyone for that being subjected to humiliation, that take up the other route when things go south for male actors.

One such instance was the surfacing of the recent pictures of actor Fardeen Khan who seemed to have gained a few pounds over the past few years. From trolls to memes, twitter went abuzz and many websites posting viral stories took it upon themselves to aggregate and dish it out to the unawares. Well, if it’s trending on Twitter and Facebook, it’s surely gonna get some eyeballs so let’s post it! That’s the attitude that most of these websites carry.

There were comments on everything from the actors failed career, his personal life, to his body and his looks.

A week since then the 42 year old Prem Aggan actor has decided to shun his shamers. Fardeen Khan posted a fiery message on his Facebook profile where he stated that he is leading a happy life and that it is time we voice against the body shaming culture. He posted, “Not ashamed neither shamed. Not offended. Not depressed. Am I happy? Emphatically! In fact, living the happiest chapter thus far with lbs to show for it.”

You can read the full post here.

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