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Things That Are Bound To Happen At A Farewell Party…Hell Yeah..!


Parties are always a fun thing! Especially when you’re going with your classmates! Farewell parties are all the rage right now and why not! It’s just an excuse to have fun right!

Heels are a pain!
If you’re a girl, you’ll understand what I exactly mean! Going to a party without a pair of killer heels on is a big no-no! of course at the end of it, all you wanna do it throw them off and be comfortable, but throughout the party, those heels are gonna be on and you’re gonna be dancing away all the pain!

Getting drunk
Of course this happens in all parties, but the thing here is, you’re not used to seeing the people of your class being drunk, which is why this point makes it to the list!

Recollecting memories
The entire night is going to be a replay of your entire college life. Speaking about things that have happened in class and laughing away the night is a general feature of this night.

Clicking lots and lots of pics
“Oh! This is gonna be the last time I’m gonna see you!”, “oh! This is the last time this will ever happen! We need to click a selfie for that!” are gonna be something you will hear. Of course no one’s complaining! Who doesn’t love to click pics right!

Reaching home late
“Mom I swear I will be home by 7!”, never will happen! We are always late! Our estimates are always wrong! Coz who wants to leave all the fun and make it end early right! Of course what happens at home is another story altogether but in the moment. It feels pretty good!

Official party leads to the unofficial party
Coz we just need to be given a reason to party right! One party leads to another, new taglines new names, but a party is a party right!

This one just has to happen! Talking about the others, comparing the dresses, checking the others’ wardrobes, talking about the drinking capacity and so much more! This time it just doesn’t seem to end!

Choosing the dress
It is a very difficult task for girls to choose a dress in everyday life itself, imagine having to choose a dress for a party! The entire wardrobe is destroyed trying to look for that perfect dress! And of course, we never find the right dress n our entire wardrobe and get n excuse for shopping!

Laziness goes for a toss
We may be lazy in every other situation, but nobody is lazy at a party. Whether the heels are killing you, or you want to catch your breath, doesn’t matter; you feel like you can keep on dancing the entire night! Who has time to be lazy when it’s time to enjoy, right!

Parties are just a great way to socialize. That informal environment, the fun in the air, the excitement of being with friends yet again, can do wonders and make you forget about everything and make you just enjoy the present moment!