Features you find in Samsung S9 but not in Iphone X

Samsung has launched two new smartphones (S9 and S9+) competing against the iPhone X. Here are some features that are present in S9 and S9+ but not in iPhone X.

Headphone jack:samsung What can be more important than this? These devices enable you to plug in your 3.5mm headphone jack unlike iPhone X or Google Pixel.

More Animojis:samsung Samsung’s animoji feature is the same as Apple’s 3D emojis. However, users are likely to get more choices in S9 & S9+. Users can create their own emoji and can even customize the skin tone, hair colour etc.

Dual aperture camera:samsung
The S9 and S9+ boasts “Dual Aperture” wherein the camera shifts the aperture from f/1.5 to f/2.4 based on the lighting conditions.

Stereo speakers at both ends:samsung Unlike the iPhone X, Samsung’s S9 & S9+ have stereo speakers on both ends of the phone, which means better audio experience.

Fast wireless charging:samsung The South Korean tech company has introduced fast wireless charging for Galaxy S9 & S9+, which claims to be faster by 50%.

Fingerprint Sensor:6 - finger printApart from the face ID that the iPhone X has and the iris scanner that S9 & S9+ also have the fingerprint sensor.

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