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Feelings That People Come Across In Long-Distance Friendship!


Even we have a set of friends still best friend will be definitely different from others. Best friend shares a bond with us which is beyond family & blood relations. For any little happiness to any major pain, we all will share that immediately with our best friend even before our family knows it. We may even hesitate to share few things with our family but we update every little thing to our bestie without fail, may it be happiness/pain/gossip/love or even may it be hatred.

This bond gets stronger by sharing and caring which we do for each other. If by any chance our bestie has to move on, due to reasons like transfer/job/marriage/any reason it may be and at that point of life, when we get to know that we cannot be like before then these are

The Most Common Feelings That We Come Across & They Are:

1. It feels so absurd when bestie is not with you. As we got habituated to continuous sharing of everything, it feels so painful to message or call them every now and then.

long-distance friendship2. Bestie is not around and moreover, when they are busy, we feel so empty.

3. Slowly our conversations become short & crisp.

4. It is worse when we are alone.

5. We keep thinking about the memories once we had and go crazy more and more.

6. If we get any new friends, we start telling them about our bestie and the fun we had together previously.

7. We won’t let them in peace. LoL, we keep tagging them in some random relatable posts or memes.

8. We start scolding them so normally, as we are missing them so much and in short of words to express it.

9. We make plans to catch up and hang out.

10. Still, we promise each other to be there for them no matter what.

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