Interesting Female Characters In Sekhar Kammula Movies


In Tollywood, the portrayal of the girl next door has failed miserably either because of the story line of execution of character. If you observe, these days it has become mandatory that the lead female character should have flawless hair, designer costumes, and make-up. At that time, one among the few directors Sekhar Kammula have managed to portray the womanhood on screen without shifting to stereotypes. Check out the strong and independent characters of Shekhar Kammula films.

1. Rupa in Anand1Sekhar-KammulaShe is a fierce and independent woman. She gives priority to her self-respect over anything.

2. Seetha Mahalakshmi in the Godavari2Sekhar-KammulaSeetha also independent, cranky, short tempered and moody. She never lets someone to rule her life, not even her parents.

3. Madhu in Happy Days3Sekhar-KammulaShe is just like one of us. She is cute, friendly, possessive and also has an ego.

4. Appu in Happy Days4Sekhar-KammulaThe tomboy Appu wants her boyfriend to accept the way she is. She only agrees to marry his boyfriend when he apologizes to her for not valuing her feelings.

5. Archana in Leader5Sekhar-KammulaWhen she realized that her boyfriend, who is also CM has been using her to forge ties with her father, she leaves him. She is independent and not the one who cares for status and has a lot of self-confidence and self-respect.

6. Ratna Prabha in Leader6Sekhar-KammulaShe is a free spirited and always sticks to her choices. She also defies her mother who is constantly worried about society’s perceptions of her independent-minded daughter.

7. Lakshmi, Padmavathi, and Parvathi in Life is beautiful7Sekhar-KammulaThese young women are independent in their own ways. They have aspirations to achieve something in life.

8. Anamikaa 8Sekhar-KammulaShe is flawed, insecure and vulnerable, yet, strong woman.

9. Sai Pallavi in Fidaa9sai pallavi with Sekhar KammulaThough the film yet to be revealed, the recently released poster portrays her as a girl next door. She looks fierce and independent and at the same time beautiful. We have to wait for some more time, to know more about her character in the movie.