Female roles in telugu that make absolutely no sense!


Kuddos to all the actresses who have struggled a lot to make some brilliant movies and have always strived to keep audience entertaining. Yet, some roles are there just to irritate the crowd, especially women.
Ee nagaraniki emaindi?? Oka vaipu manchi cinemalu oka vaipu pichi roles! Evaru noru meduparenti ?

1. Samantha in SVSC1female-leadsHer dialogue in the movie, “Naku ishtamainavi rende rendu. Okati nidra, okati manchi mogudu.” Literally speaking, no girl would ever say this. This dialogue has made a trend in the city after the movie release but factually, it is nowhere near imagination and somehow a little out of sense.

2. Trisha in Stalin2female-leadsThis girl falls for a man who predicts her dress color and her day! Please save us, Lord.

3. Tamanna in Rebel3female-leadsThey have introduced her character as a strong woman who doesn’t like taking extra protection everywhere and hence breaks her ties with her family. After having such an intense characterization, the girl falls for a guy just because he tells he loves a girl prettier than her. Way to go, man!

4. Nikeesha in Komaram Puli4female-leadsThe movie tried giving so much depth in to the character of Pavan Kalyan. They might’ve probably spent all the time in doing so and forgot to even characterize her heroine. Her only aim in the movie is to keep going behind the guy.

5. Sindhu Menon in Chandamama5female-leadsThis lady sees her sister in a temple with a lover and instead of panicking, develops instant feelings over her sister’s fiancée! What is going on?!

6. Samantha in Dookudu6female-leadsAs a girl interested in fashion designing, they cast and crew has kept all focus on her fashion sense in the movie. By being busy doing this, they have forgot to give her a reason to be in the movie. She is there just to reveal the villian’s about Mahesh babu being a cop and to give some music in life!

7. Karthika in Josh7female-leadsThis is a wonderfully though movie. Yet has failed to give the heroine proper role. She becomes friends with some random guy who she hates and for every reason to say no, she falls for him. Not to forget, she comes in while it has become some time that there has been dancing.

8. Anushka in Vikramarkudu8female-leadsShe doesn’t even know him and meets him for the first time and crushes into him while a wedding is happening. And finally love blossoms! Stop it, writers.

9. Hansika in Deshamuduru9female-leadsA guy harassed and bullied her for he says he likes her. He beats up another set of bad guys who also did the same to her. But she falls for the hero!
Ela?? How??

10. Raashi Khanna in Supreme10female-leadsThis movie has won some hearts for the little kid and the small hidden story line which only comes to light in the second half.

This lady aims to achieve a gold medal in her police career and her family forces her to earn money through bribing and the hero is also one of her victims and yet they fall for each other with nothing happening!!
Ee nagaraniki emaindi!!