Few Hilarious Memes On Bangalore Traffic Which Will Make You ROFL

Few Hilarious Memes On Bangalore Traffic Which Will Make You ROFL

Doesn’t matter what city we live in India, we’re no strangers to traffic jams. But when Augustus Waters once said, “some traffic jams are bigger than other traffic jams.” He was definitely talking about Bangalore.

1) What is the advantage of Bangalore traffic? It gives enough time to think about your mistakes from this life and all your previous lives.

Bangalore Traffic2) Before marrying someone, put them through the turmoil of BangaloreTraffic to see who they really are..It’ll mak’em show their true colors.

Bangalore Traffic3) Startup Idea :

CAT/GRE classes in BMTC buses.

Bangalore Traffic4) My friend took 2:28 hours to complete the half marathon yesterday. Today he took 3 hours to complete a 15km journey by car

Bangalore Traffic5) Bangalore people: Today I will finish my office work and reach home early Bangalore traffic :

Bangalore Traffic6) Silk board: Ruining my life since 2017.

Bangalore Traffic7) Recently A team of NITI Aayog did a survey on traffic jams in Indian cities…

Bangalore TrafficThe highest traffic was recorded in Mumbai followed by Delhi and Kolkata.
Legends say the official which started survey for Bangalore is still stuck in Bangalore traffic…

8) Dropped my friend at Banglore Airport as he was leaving for Dubai
He reached Dubai an hour ago and I’m still stuck in traffic at Silk board

Bangalore Traffic


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