Shanmukha Caterers: The First And Best Veg Caterers In Hyderabad With More Than 44+ Years In Business

Catering is one of the best food and event be businesses nowadays. But not everyone can become a master, because cooking a dish is an art and the number of dishes for thousands of people is another art and task. One must need passion and some unique sort of taste when it comes to serving the best food. Not everyone can be a winner in catering services unless they are Shanmukha Caterers.

Yes, the Shanmkuha Caterers, the Hyderabad-based caterers are one of the oldest and best caterers for all the right reasons. Established in 1978, Shanmukha Caterers is a dedicated catering service provider who is serving 100% vegetarian food to its customers. Today, there are a number of catering service providers in the city but Shanmukha Caterers are the only ones who are the best in the business with more than 44+ years of experience.

What is so special about Shanmukha Caterers?

100% Traditional & Vegetarian:

Shanmukha Caterers is one of the best and 100% vegetarian caterers in the city. They are highly renowned for their vegetarian dishes with an authentic South and North Indian touch in every food they serve.

They Avoid Onion & Garlic Upon Customers Request:

We all know that onions and garlic are the basic ingredients that Indians often use in all dishes, especially in all curries they make. But some vegetarians don’t prefer onions and Garlic in curries. Upon customer’s request Shanmukha Caterers don’t use onions and garlic in any dish or food prepared by them… to make sure and to meet client requirements about 100% vegetarian food.

Special & Unique Dishes:

Shanmukha Caterers serves unique and amazing veg varieties like Panasakaya Biryani, Kanda Bachali, Purnam Burelu, Bobbatlu, Panasa Pottu Kura, Gutti Vankaya, etc.

What made them do this for a very long time, how they became winners in it and how they are surviving with competitors?

Shanmukha Caterers have been doing this for 44+ years and they have some honest clients who come to them after honest service and delicious food they serve. They are doing this business and surviving with the competitors after their honesty, pricing, service, and on-time delivery. They have catered to 35 thousand members in a single day which is a very usual thing for them.

Started as one branch in Hyderabad and now expanded its business to Bengaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi, Jaipur, Pune, and Haryana (Sonipat). From Kanyakumari to Kashmir they are ready to serve across the nation at any given time.

Shanmukha Foods, the part of Shamukha Caterers, also has Curry Points at Vidya Nagar and Chikkadpally locations. They are also planning to open curry points across various locations in Hyderabad in the coming days.


1. International Excellence Award 2019 for Best Caterer in Hyderabad
2. Golden Glory Award 2019 for Best Caterers in South India
3. International Fame Award 2021 for Best Caterer For Good Quality and Tasty Food

Services: Wedding Catering Services, Engagement Catering Services, Dinner Party Catering Services, Corporate Event Catering Services, Anniversary Catering Services, Birthday Party Catering Services, Outdoor Catering Services, and Theme Party Catering Services.

Please go through the below details to contact and order with Shanmukha Caterers for your next events:

Shanmukha Caterers📍:

Website: Shanmukha Caterers
Contact: +91 9866176781, +91 9246876781

Shanmukha Curry Point 📍:
Vidya Nagar Branch:
Chikkadpally Branch:

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