First Ever Air-Conditioned, WiFi and Baby Feeding Bus Shelters in Hyderabad.

TRS government is already in news with “Rhythu Bandu” scheme for farmers ee news country antha trending lo undi. Common people inka ee scheme gurunchi discuss chestha untey now the municipal administration and urban development minister KT Rama Rao launched first-ever city’s air-conditioned bus shelter in Madhapur. AC bus telusu kani ee air-conditioned bus shelter enti ankuntunnara adey chepthunnam andi.Baby Feeding Bus Shelters

It seems like KTR decided to take Hyderabad to next level, recent ga MindSpace underpass build chesaru, to regulate traffic violations for techies and also AC bus shelter at Shilparamam, hi-tech city. Now KTR inaugurated Grade1 AC bus shelter at Madhapur.Baby Feeding Bus Shelters

Feeding room ni only bus shelter passenger mothers ae kakunda all other mothers who are travelling nearby can use to feed their babies ani chepparu. Toilets will be more useful as Madhapur area is actually very crowded. Inka meanwhile bus kosam wait chesay gap lo we can draw money from ATM’s in that bus shelter. Kiosk’s and eateries kuda useful ga untayi ani bus shelter lo vatini kuda pettam ani chepparu. In case of emergencies, ladies can use SoS buttons which will alert nearby command centres. And WiFi enabled undatam valla passengers can see a display of bus timings and routes at their respective shelters.Baby Feeding Bus Shelters

It was just the first initiation, inka 30 places lo same shelters plan chesthunnam. Some main areas lo Grade 2 and colonies lo Grade 3, 4 shelters plan undi and total ga city lo 826 bus shelters GHMC handle chesthundi ani chepparu.

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