Do We Know About The First And Longest Kiss Of Bollywood Till Date?

I remember a time when kiss scenes of Indian cinema were discussed with lots of curiosity, sighs and blushes. Teenagers and youngsters hit theaters for that one kiss and remained enthralled for so many days following it.

Kisses and Emraan Hashmi have an inherent connection as he has been hailed as the kissing Star of Indian cinema. It’s been over a decade since Emraan Hashmi became the kissing icon of Bollywood. Kisses are now getting routine in Bollywood and all major actors, barring few, are comfortable doing onscreen kissing scenes.

Here’s one question, I bet, you guys did not know. When was the first kiss happened on Indian celluloid and who pulled that scene for apparently the first generation of movie goers?

It was way back in 1933 between Devika Rani and Himanshu Roy in the movie ‘Karma’. However that kiss scene was far from being sensuous and steamy; rather it was affectionate showering of love by the heroine to the hero who was apparently back from the death. The hero, Himanshu Roy is lying inert and the heroine Devika Rani blows a trail of kisses, showering her affection on hero’s resurrection.

The kiss is said to be lasted for four minutes and apparently the longest kiss in Bollywood till date. Devika Rani and Himanshu Roy happened to be wife and husband in real life. That apart, they were truly legendary actors and deserve to be hailed as first kissers of Indian cinema.

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