First of its kind ‘Talking Hands’ restaurant in hyderabad


Manam chala theme restaurants chusuntam, but epudanna without using voice only signs (hands) thone menu order ivadam and customer and staff communicate cheyadam chusara? Yes, alanti first of its kind restaurant Hyderabad Begumpet lo undi. Dani pere ‘Talking hands’. Ikada only hand moments thone communicate chestaru and interesting thing entante it managed by hearing impaired people. It was started by TKM Sandeep, who is deaf by birth. He also started one Deaf Enabled Foundation to educate and train the hearing impaired

Hearing impaired people kosam eyana chestuna service and help ni chusi, government approached him to give the financial help and then he started ‘Talking Hands.’ E restaurant five-star food ni serve chestaru and they have both North and South Indian dishes. Restaurant loki enter avagane akada people tho ela communicate cheyalo meku instructions istaru and so that you will get the basic idea about the sign language. Menu card chupinchi akada unna sign dwara you can order your

Restaurant loni prathi wall customers ni guide chese vidamga design chesaru. Ikada staff andarini DFF nundi recruit

Really! vellu prathi okallaki chala inspiration. Keep going guys! So, when you are reserving your seats at this restaurant!restaurant