All About Mori, The First Smart Village In Andhra Pradesh

Here’s all you Need to Know about The first smart village in Andhra Pradesh

The cashew exporting village in East Godavari district has been declared as an all-digital administration panchayat. Following this development, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu announced that the state government’s prestigious Fibernet programme would be launched from Mori on December 29. The Chief Minister declared that Mori will become the first all-digital governance village. Starting Thursday, all the 1,900 houses in the village would be tuned to new Fibernet-hosted television, internet and telephone network.


Mori, which is located in near the Bay of Bengal in the East Godavari district has become the first village in the state of Andhra Pradesh to be completely digital, every household in the village now have access to WIFI, Internet connectivity and cable TV while making all transactions cashless. All the 1,189 households are provided with the internet at 15 Mbps speed, cable TV, and telephone connection through fiber grid. Each of them can watch 250 television channels. All their transactions are through e-banking, AP Purse, Rupay cards and SBI Buddy. Even small kirana shops have been given e-pos machines. “Villagers were provided with the best training to make use of internet to improve their finances through direct marketing,” Fibernet project MD Koganti Sambasiva Rao said in an interview. They are also planning on installing LED bulbs in all streets and houses, which will save 50% power bill to the village, 328 bulbs have already been installed, the team which visited the village, identified the problems that the villagers were suffering through and analyzed the business aspects and educated the villagers about the advantages of technology and how they can use it to gain profit.

Mori village

Many corporate companies have joined in on this project, one of them being C-fog, which installed a sensor technology in tanks. Through that, the villagers can monitor levels of tanks. When level gets decreased the message will be sent to the villager’s mobile. This sensor technology is useful in shrimp culture. They will be able to prevent shrimps from dying.

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