Five THALAIVAR Dialogues That Will Go Down In History


His style is inimitable and one of its kinds. Loved and doted on by the masses and the classes alike, people copy the way he walks, talks and even some of his antics. The audience flocks to theaters just to see Thalaivar Rajinikanth as a whole, and that never loses charm.

Having dished out a record number of hit films over the years, there have been times when some of his dialogues were loved by the audience for the way they were delivered. No wonder, they continue to live on in the memory of his fans and are sometimes even used by them to make a point.

Five Semma Thalaivar Dialogues That Are Deigned To Go Down in History

Basha copy

The Superstar played the role of an auto driver in this film which was highly adored by the masses. This dialogue actually portrayed the power of a man on the streets and the punch with which this was delivered was all that was required to make it go viral. Even today, this dialogue is used to make a point clear and sound.


Playing the role of a village headman, Rajnikanth had a powerful opposition in this film in form of Neelambari played by Ramya Krishnan. A rather arrogant woman, the film had a lot of confrontational scenes amidst the duo. Every time, “Thalaiva” wished to make a point, this is the dialogue that he used.


Another super hit film by the Superstar, this became a rage among the audience for its great songs and Rajnikanth’s performance. The actor had a couple of punch dialogues in this movie, this being the one which the masses highly admired, what with the fine way of delivery.


Though a very small dialogue, this one is considered to be one of the most powerful of all the punch lines ever said onscreen by the Superstar. The classes and the masses alike went berserk on hearing this dialogue, making it cult. This is a dialogue which is still highly popular.


This film of Rajnikanth was a blockbuster not only in India but also overseas, including countries like Japan. This powerful dialogue which was delivered by the actor with complete conviction and style became highly popular and is often enacted by mimicry artists.


Rajnikanth wowed the audience with his performance in this film which portrays the story of a man on the streets who reaches great heights just to get even with his friend turned foe. The Superstar spoke this dialogue on screen with so much of charisma that it got etched in the minds of his fans.

These dialogues have been a craze ever since they were first uttered on screen. Let us hope that the Superstar would come up with more such punch dialogues in future.